10 days in Europe: what I wore

Choosing outfits for several days in advanced is a drag, let’s be real. When I booked my trip for nearly two weeks in Europe I definitely thought to myself: but what will I wear? I knew that I couldn’t pack my entire closet (sigh) but I was able to wear outfits that I loved everyday with a suitcase that totaled only 36 lbs!

When it came to packing, I had a strategy: I needed all of my pieces to mix and match with each other, therefore I needed primarily neutral pieces. All of my outfits centered around a few basic pieces: my white sneakers or black bootiesberet or flat brim hat, and my pale pink coat. When you’re traveling, it’s essential to find core pieces that can be used to create a variety of different outfits because you can’t have a brand new outfit every single day! Packing everything just isn’t possible, so two or three pairs of basic shoes and only one or two jackets are going to be a huge space-saver for you!


Day 1: Volendam, The Netherlands
I didn’t take a lot of photos on this first day, and the ones I did take weren’t amazing. BUT, they will get the outfit point across. On the first day, we got off the plane and I chose a very simple outfit. I opted for distressed mom jeans, a cream sweater with lace detailing, and my black boots. I threw on a beret for a little flare!

Day two: Amsterdam
In Amsterdam, I wanted yet another simple outfit. (Noticing the trend yet?) I wore a striped turtleneck, button fly black jeans, my black boots, and a beret. This look was perfect and so comfy for a rainy day of exploring Amsterdam! 


Day 3: Port of Antwerp and Brussels
I didn’t get a lot of photos this day because most of it was spent on the bus (boring!). I only have two photos that somewhat display my look for this day. I wore plain black jeans, a ruffle sweatshirt, and my beanie. It was a relaxed look for a day of sitting on a bus, followed by shopping, chocolate, and beer in Brussels.

Day 4: Brussels
For our second day in Brussels, I wore a casual, fun look. I wanted to wear this super cute distressed cardigan from Kindred People, so I centered the outfit around that. I chose a graphic tee, button fly jeans, sneakers, and my flat brim hat. I loved the casual streetwear vibe of this look!


Day 5: Ghent & Bruges
This is one of my absolute favorite outfits! I had purchased these MANGO plaid trousers the day before, and decided to pair them with pieces I packed from home! Because the pants had a print and fun bow, I chose to pair them with a plain black turtleneck, my flat brim hat, and white sneakers. These muted pieces allowed the pants to do the talking! I honestly was just really feeling myself in this outfit, not gonna lie. 


Day 6: Rouen & Caen
I honestly didn’t take any photos of myself this day. We visited small French towns with not a lot of aesthetic scenery, and then a WWII museum. I will portray what I wore through photos of individual pieces, as to not skip a look! It was a neutral look, but with some pops of color with a multi-stripe tee.

Day 7: Normandy Beach & Le Mont Saint-Michel
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good full-body photos of my outfit this day. I thought we were just visiting D-Day sites, so I opted for something really plain and figured I wouldn’t take my photos of my outfit at all. However, we ended up going to Le Mont Saint-Michel and I had some #regret and wish I would’ve wore a funkier outfit. Either way, here we go! I wore a cream cable knit sweater, button fly jeans, black boots, and my beret.

Day 8: Versailles
For Versailles, I knew I had to wear something fun. I mean, it’s a palace. I ordered this bodysuit before I left and I knew I had to wear it there! It’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet currently (unfortunately it is sold out now), and I knew the red would still stand out among all of the ornate details of the chateau. To dress it down a little, I paired it with my mom jeansflat brim, and booties. Along with the plaid pants look, this was one of my favorite outfits! 


Day 9: The Louvre & exploring Paris
On Day 9, we explored the beauty that is Paris! I wore this sweatshirt from Kindred People because the black stripes on the sleeves gave me all the Parisian vibes! I ended up matching the Palais Royal sculpture, which was totally not planned… Jk I planned it.

This day was COLD. I didn’t take my coat off for a photo because it pretty much didn’t stop dumping snow on us the entire day. I ended up purchasing a scarf (as shown below) and just wearing it with my pink coat and boots, as well as a beanie for most of the day! I opted for warmth and comfort and have no regrets about it!

The next day, we made our way back to the States! Overall, you can see that my looks were pretty casual and simple. I left all of my dresses, skirts, and skimpy shoes at home because I knew it would just be too chilly to wear them during this time of year. It all comes down to this: when I travel, comfort is so important to me. I think it’s possible to look stylish without aching feet, being cold, or adjusting your clothing all day. Don’t let discomfort or clothing distract you from all of the amazing experiences to be seen and felt!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out!

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

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