i designed my own shoes

I recently had one of the most fun opportunities ever to design my own shoes! We’ve all wanted to tweak a thing or two about a pair of shoes to make them perfect, but starting from scratch and designing your very own pair is even better. Shoes of Prey provides a customer experience like no other!

For my shoes, I knew I definitely wanted suede because I absolutely love how it looks on shoes. I struggled decide if I wanted heels, booties, or sneakers, but ended up deciding on booties because I’d wear them the most often and get the most use out of them. I thought about if I wanted to create a really wild and unique pair, or if I wanted to create a quality basic pair that would match everything. Obviously, I chose the second option. I’ve always wanted a pair of chelsea boots so I crafted my perfect ideal design and I couldn’t be happier with them!

For the outfit featured in this post, I paired the booties with an emerald green corduroy skirt, cable-knit sweater, tights, and a hot chocolate (lol for real I froze my butt off for these photos). I think it’s a nice combination of the 70’s vibes I’ve been loving lately, has some wintery/holiday vibes, and is still casual enough to wear for an every day occasion!

If you’d like to design your very own shoes (which I know you do), check out Shoes of Prey! Go ahead and play around, there are so so so many options. …and I have a little treat. Use code {mariahelen} for a free custom inscription! You can inscribe anything you’d like into your shoes: your name, your favorite phrase, anything that’s meaningful to you. Let your imagination run wild!

Check out how I styled by Shoes of Prey booties below:

Photography by Autumn Wilson

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen