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Hey loves! I’ve been asked a million times within the past couple of months about how to keep your Instagram feed cohesive. While I’m no genius on the topic, I would like to think that my feed is generally pretty cohesive and it definitely has a certain “vibe”. Feed cohesion is one of the main thing that brands look for when deciding if they want to work with you or not, and typically one of the main things that potential followers notice when they see your feed for the first time. It’s important! Here are a few of my tips on keeping your feed looking cohesive + appealing:

Use the same or similar filter/preset on all of your photos and keep a consistent editing style.
This is a simple and incredibly effective way to keep your feed looking cohesive! I thought long and hard about which VSCO filter looks best with a majority of my photos, and then I stuck with it! However here’s an important thing to keep in mind when editing with the same filter: make sure to properly tweak each photo to make sure that the filter looks good on it. It’s not just a throw-on-the-filter-and-go kinda thing! Also, use consistent editing techniques on all of your photos. Aim for the same amount of brightness, contrast, temperature, and sharpness by the time you’re done editing. It will keep your photos looking purposeful and consistent!

Use UNUM to plan your feed.
UNUM is an app that you can use to play which photos to post next, and in which order. I have found this app to be incredibly useful! It allows you to see what photos will look like with your already existing Instagram feed and move them around to make it all fit perfect! This is really important when creating a cohesive feed, because just posting it and hoping for the best doesn’t always work too well!

Keep negative space in mind.
When some of your photos have a decent amount of negative space, your feed will likely look much more cohesive. (If you’re not sure what negative space is or what it means, check out this quick little article to gain an understanding.) If you don’t leave much negative space in any of your photos, your feed is going to look really busy and congested.

Limit how many photos have people in them.
This is key! If ALL of your photos feature a human face, your feed is most likely going to look congested. This is where the concept of a “filler photo” comes in. A filler photo is a photo of anything other than a person. Aka pictures of plants, feet, landscapes, literally anything! These photos are excellent tools for keeping your feed looking clean and cohesive. I usually alternate between a photo of myself and a filler photo, but you can mix it up and find what works for you!

Pay attention to what colors and tones are in your shot when taking it.
I think this is something that a lot of people have trouble with. When you have a styled feed, you need to think about that style while you’re out photographing. So for example: my feed is primarily warm/brown tones with a lot of pinks, reds, orange, and yellow mixed in. If I’m wearing a blue shirt (which doesn’t match my feed), I try to find a warm-toned place to shoot. So maybe I would shoot in front of a brown or pink wall, or in a field with a yellowy sunset. If I were to shoot this blue shirt in front of a bunch of green trees, nothing within the photo would match my tones and it would be really hard to make it fit in with my feed. This is huge and it’s something that you need to practice when establishing your feed’s style!

Place photos with similar backgrounds away from each other.
This one is pretty easy and obvious in my opinion. All I’m saying is that if the background of a photo is very similar to one that you just posted, wait a while to post it! You should never have very similar pictures next to or on top of each other- it will create a clump on your feed and it just won’t look right.

Take a ton of photos so you have a ton of options!
Taking a ton of photos will really help you out in the long-run. That way, you won’t have to post a photo right now if it’s just not fitting right now. You can save it for later! I have an album in my photo titled “To Post” and it’s just full of images that are ready to be posted! This makes it easy for me to choose photos when they best fit on my feed, so I don’t just post simply because it’s the only photo I have.

Well there ya have it, folks! That’s the best advice I have for you when it comes to feed cohesiveness. The main thing is to be conscious and know your style! Thanks for reading! Keep your eyes peeled for a bit on another topic soon…

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

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