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Okay so- here’s the first of my new blog series “A Bit On”. In this series, I will be sharing a bit of my thoughts on a variety of different topics: blogging, life, literally whatever I feel like. I get asked a lot of questions on my Instagram, so I feel as though this is a great spot for people to read/learn more if they so choose.

So for the first post in this series, I decided to write about something that’s been on my mind a lot lately: confidence. I have been asked how I have the confidence to post about my style and put myself out there as much as I do. Let me tell you- I used to have absolutely no confidence in myself. I thought I was too dumb, too sensitive, nobody liked me, too annoying, TOO EVERYTHING. But, I’ve changed that. & here’s my thoughts on how…

The comparison game is a dangerous game.
For real, WHY. Please please please let’s just not do this anymore. Just because another girl is beautiful or smart or fun or whatever- how does that hurt you? There are bloggers whose feeds are a million times better than mine and whose clothes are more expensive and stylish but- does that mean that I’m not a good blogger? No. When you see a girl out in the world slaying, don’t see her as competition. See her as inspiration. If I was discouraged by every amazing blog and Instagram feed I saw, I would have quit blogging by now. But no. When I see an amazing Instagram feed I think to myself, “Wow! They must’ve worked really hard. I will use them as inspiration going forward!”

Keep your head up, girl. Her success isn’t your failure.

Cut out the people who make you feel like less.
You know that one friend that makes you feel like they’re better than you? Or the one that is annoyed or jealous of your successes? Or the one that discourages you from doing amazing things because they’re afraid you’ll leave them behind? Yeah, you don’t need that. Say goodbye.

If someone makes fun of you for doing what you love, that says nothing good about them.
For real, I can’t stress this enough. So… someone is making fun of you… for following YOUR dreams in YOUR life on YOUR terms… Wow, they must be awesome! Not. There have been people along the way that have made fun of me for blogging or thought that I’d never make it or talked crap. Well, they can sit and talk crap while I’m out doing what I love and being happier than I’ve ever been. Life starts when you stop caring so much about the approval of those who don’t care about you.

To me, this is the most important part. I used to have ideas and then think to myself of every possible reason why it won’t work. While being realistic is a good thing, sometimes you really need to try something before you know if it works or not. My boyfriend, Kristian, has taught me how to stop thinking about ideas and start doing them. Success in your dreams starts by taking one step that leads to more. If you’re dreaming of something, please have the confidence to go out and chase it. Be an active player, not a bystander.

Well, that’s just a bit on confidence. Thank you for reading and keep your eyes peeled for a bit more on some other topics coming soon…

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

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