a bit on: instagram envy

Okay, it’s so real.

Instagram envy is something that anyone who dabbles in the app probably experiences at one point or another. It’s the feeling you get when it seems as though everyone you follow is going on amazing trips, wearing slaying/expensive outfits, decorating their house perfectly and always keeping it clean, walking their cute af pet everyday, all while having the most sensitive, caring boyfriend on the planet… and you don’t.

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind when you need to fight the Instagram envy:

The people with huge, amazing accounts… Yeah, that’s their JOB.
If you’re getting envious of people like Jaci MarieTezzaZoe, etc., etc… That makes sense. Their whole job is to create the most beautiful, curated, inspiring, awe-worthy photos possible. They’re literally paid to do that. Being jealous of them is the same as being jealous of a Victoria’s Secret model’s body when they spend literally all day working out, eating right, and drinking fluids or whatever tf Victoria’s Secret models do. Influencers and big bloggers get paid to have beautiful Instagrams and they worked hard to do it. Just remember, they poop and pay taxes just like the rest of us.

We’re all at different times in our life and we all grow differently and that’s OKAY!
There are people at age 25 who just got married. There are people at age 25 who have a kid and a dog. There are people at 25 who just graduated their masters program and have no boyfriend and legit have no idea what they want to do right now. There are people at age 25 who run their own businesses. THERE ARE PEOPLE AT AGE 25 THAT ARE AT LITERALLY ALL STAGES OF LIFE. There is no normal, and you need to realize that just because someone is “ahead” of you in life stages, that doesn’t mean they’re better than you. Everyone does things in their own way at their own pace, and that’s the beauty of life. You can make it whatever you want it to be! Don’t compare your lives to someone else’s just because you’re the same age. 

Some of this crap just isn’t practical.
Let’s be honest here- there’s a lot of super cool stuff on Instagram that just isn’t practical in my life. The beret trend right now for example- I would look literally so dumb walking around North Dakota State University in a beret. I see them on other fashion bloggers and think they look cool, but it’s just not practical for me! There’s so many examples like this and we need to keep in mind that everyone’s lives are different and if something works for them, that doesn’t mean it has to work for you. Just because a blogger can afford a Gucci bag, doesn’t mean you as a college student should try to afford that. It’s just not practical for you at this time, and that’s something we shouldn’t be ashamed of.

Whatever they have, it probably didn’t come easy.
This is a big one for me. People say to me all the time, “Wow, brands send you stuff for free?! That’s so cool, you’re so lucky.” Okay yeah, it’s fun and I love it FOR SURE. But it did not come easy. It still doesn’t come easy. I work really hard to continue to create content and work with brands and it’s practically my part-time job. When you see people traveling the world and having the time of their lives, I can guarantee you that it didn’t come easy. They worked long hours and saved up and dreamt big. Don’t be discouraged- you’re only seeing the finished product instead of all the hard work it takes to get there.

Be inspired!
I would really love for everyone to be inspired instead of jealous. It’s something to work toward and it can be difficult, but it’s doable! I am currently in this frame of mind and it has been life-changing. When I see my favorite bloggers out there killing it, I am simply inspired. I think to myself, “Wow. I hope I can get to their point someday if I work hard.” Until then, I’ll continue to take inspiration from them and incorporate bits and pieces into my life right now. We all need to work on allowing others to be successful, without feeling as though we’re failing.

Thanks for reading folks! Soon, I’ll be posting A Bit On working with brands!

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

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