a bit on: winter blues

Hello, beautiful people! Long time no talk.

I haven’t written a blog post in a while because, well, quite frankly life has been wild. I graduate this May and in the meantime I’ve been taking 6 classes, working two jobs, keeping up with Instagram content, working on my portfolio, and all the while trying to remain sane, mindful, and mentally healthy. It’s kind of a lot sometimes.

One of my biggest struggles lately has been what many refer to as the “winter blues”. All of us midwesterners have them and it honestly sucks. It’s the time of year when the holidays have ended but yet the snow and freezing temperatures drag on.

For me, this time of year poses a particular problem: creatively, I’m stunted. It’s challenging for me to create content and remain inspired when it’s so gloomy, gray, and cold outside. I am typically inspired by the outdoors but it seems as though this time of year offers no beauty, but just a dismal passing of days… Have I offered you hope yet?

Okay, here’s the good part. Inspiration can be found, but in these cold months it sometimes just takes a little more effort. I had an “ah-ha” type of moment this past week with one of my outfits. I saw @jacimariesmith wearing a striped shirt under her brown sweater and I realized this was a look I could recreate. For some reason, this outfit really clicked for me and I felt like myself again. This outfit is Maria. The feeling of getting this one little thing right was just enough motivation to get excited about going out and shooting and creating this content.

For me, the little victories are what fuels me through this time of year. Wear an outfit you’re proud of, accomplish just one task you’ve been putting off, get your hair done, do something nice for someone else… Any little moments of relaxation or joy can make all of the difference in your outlook. Love yourself and take care of yourself this winter, friends.

Photos by: Autumn Wilson Photography

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

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