A New Boutique is Coming to Fargo!

A new boutique is joining the Fargo boutique family! Its name is, drumroll please… Kindred People!

First of all, can I just say that I am LOVING this booming Fargo fashion industry! All of these new boutiques are such wonderful additions to our little North Dakotan city.

So, how about a little info on Kindred People? Their first location is in Alexandria, MN and let me say- I have been creeping on them for about a year now and they are amazinggg! I love their style I know you will too, so check out their Instagram.

One of the coolest things about Kindred People is their locally-made jewelry line, Black Sheep Jewelry. This line was created by Kindred People’s store manager, Taylor Gervais. Taylor was always wearing the coolest jewelry and when Kelly (one of the owners of KP) asked her about it, she said she “just made it”… GIRL. That’s some true talent! Pretty soon, this blossomed into Kindred People’s most successful and coveted jewelry line. After having my own Black Sheep Jewelry necklace (as pictured below) I can tell you right now- this is not my last piece. I’m also dying to get my hands on this choker that I found on their site.

Another amazing thing about Kindred People is that they carry Free People in their boutique! While this can be a rather spendy brand, Kindred People strives to keep all of their pieces below $100! The top I am wearing below is from Free People and it is the softest, comfiest shirt ever. I love how the tassels cover any showy cleavage, making it a modest, but sexy option. Oh, and y’all know green is my color. Always.

So, in honor of Kindred People opening in Fargo, we did a little collaborating! Myself, Kindred People, and Elisabeth Eden teamed up to shoot this beautiful Free People top and Black Sheep Jewelry necklace! Dying to know when you can shop at their Fargo location? Stick around, because rumor has it… They may be opening their doors next week.

Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s in store for you at Kindred People:


Top: Free People from Kindred People | Necklace: Black Sheep Jewelry

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen