how to never pay full price again

Alright so here’s the truth: I’m no money bags. I’m in school and spend much more time working on homework than I do on things that actually make me money. But still, I love style and I can’t help but want to purchase clothes every once in a while.

Because I’m on a budget, I never ever pay full-price on anything. If there’s a will, there’s a way to find a deal. Here’s some of the tactics I use to save a buck:

If you like the company, sign up for email updates… and then actually read the emails.
Lots of people sign up for email updates and then never read the emails because they’re annoying– not a good tactic, people. First of all, most companies offer a discount just for signing up for email updates so definitely take advantage of that. If you have multiple email addresses, nobody said you can’t sign up with all of them to get the discount more than once #naughty #cheatingthesystem

Then, once you start receiving the emails, ACTUALLY READ WHAT THEY SAY. Oftentimes, they have exclusive discount codes! Star any emails with discount codes and then check them when you find something you want to buy. #smartshopping

Use the Honey browser extension.
I freaking love this browser extension. When you’re shopping, you can press the “Honey” button and it will scour the Internet for you in search of discount codes. Sometimes it comes up with great codes and sometimes it doesn’t, but either way it’s worth the effort of just pressing a button. 

You can get this browser extension here. (Hell yes, it’s free.)

Add things to your cart and wait.
Sometimes, I’ll add things to my ASOS cart and then wait a day or two. They’ll occasionally send me an email asking if a 20% off code will influence my purchase… Um, hell yeah it will! This doesn’t always work and if the item is low in stock, I wouldn’t risk the wait. But it’s worked for me in the past so if you can spare a few days, give it a try! Here’s a screenshot of the last email I received like this (literally the subject line is “What would tempt you back?”): 


*Don’t try using that code. It won’t work. I already used it, yo.

Sign up for Ebates.
Here is yet another glorious browser extension. Ebates gives you cash back for your purchases from almost any site. They do this because companies pay Ebates for consumer trend research, so they give consumers a percentage of that payment as an incentive to use their site. In addition to paying you for using the site, it also pays you for your referrals. If you use my referral link here to sign up and you spend $25 within the next 90 days (easy), you get $10! Just for using Ebates! I make sure to use this browser extension on all of my purchases now and the cash back really adds up. I can’t recommend this enough! If you’re going to make a purchase anyway, you might as well press the Ebates button and get a percentage of what you spend back. No strings attached.

Use Google Shop/Check for dupes.
If I find an item that’s not terribly unique, I will sometimes search for dupes. My first stops are always Forever21 and ASOS, because they are relatively inexpensive and have absolutely massiveinventory and selection. Oftentimes, I can find a similar item for much less! If you find a really funky/unique piece, this might not work for you but it still never hurts to look. To show how this can work, check out the screenshots below. I found a pair of striped pants at Express for $79.90 and then Google Shopping found me similar options for much less!

If you’re in college, sign up with UNiDAYS.
UNiDAYS offers student discount codes for those who sign up using their college email address. A lot of reputable brands run their student discount codes through this site! It’s usually only about 10-15% off but that’s still better than no deal, and some brands have up to 50% off! I use this specifically for ASOS, Levi’s, and Urban Outfitters. If you’re a student, it’s a great way to save money every single time you shop!!

These are my suggestions! Scoring a deal usually requires some patience and a little work, but it’s worth it to me. I wanted a $108 Madewell bag this year and I waited for over a month and got it for $44.99… Just goes to show that patience can pay off!

Obviously this doesn’t work for every site either. Some sites, such as Zara or Free People, are real sticklers and almost never offer any deals on anything (but you still have Ebates on your side for some cash back at Free People at least). However, going through this process and checking your options can pay off in the long run! Happy money saving, friends!

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

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