I designed my own shoes... again!

Honesty Hour: I’m a shoe fanatic. I have too many pairs to count …and I must say, the only thing better than buying a new pair of shoes is designing a pair yourself.

As many of you probably remember, I designed my own shoes with Shoes of Prey and bloggedabout it back in November. I love this brand because they provide a completely unique customer experience by bringing your digital shoe designs to life. Once you design your shoes online, they’ll craft them and send them to you within two weeks! This sounds like something that only the richest of rich (Oprah maybe?) would be able to do, but their shoes are quite reasonably priced for what you’re getting!

I was fortunate enough to work with Shoes of Prey again, and I went for a totally different design this time. For this pair of shoes, I wanted to design my ideal sneakers. I wanted them to be cute, comfy, fun, and still versatile. I chose to work with one of my absolute favorite colors: blush pink!

I chose a light tone of blush pink for half of the shoes, and cream for the rest. I wanted them to have a little color while still remaining versatile to wear with a variety of outfits. One of my favorite parts about the shoes I designed is the mixture of textiles. I used both leather and suede in my design to create some interest. I finished them off with gold metal accents and BAM- my dream sneakers were complete.

If you’d like to create your own shoes, you can use code MARIAHELEN for a FREE custom inscription! In my last pair of shoes, I had “slay your day” inscribed in them which was so fun and cute. You can inscribe your favorite short quote, name, hometown, bible verse, anything you want!

You can check out my newest design below:

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen