Rocks Box

I feel like one thing so many of us forget when putting together an outfit is accessorizing! It’s so important, yet so underestimated. For this reason, I love my monthly Rocks Box subscription. Rocks Box is a jewelry subscription company that allows you to rent beautiful designer jewelry that is picked out especially for you each month! When the month is over, you can either send the jewelry back or buy it. Then, either way, you’ll get a whole new box of jewelry to accessorize with! Interested? Use code mariahelen13xoxo to get your first month FREE! Just click the link here:  This month, I told my stylist that I wanted some layered necklaces, and that’s exactly what I got. Here’s what I got in my February Rocks Box set:

Piece #1: SLATE Arrow Layered Necklace


Piece #2: SLATE Dalmatian and Gold Bar Studs 


Piece #3: Gorjana Dainty Gold Layered Necklace
(Photographed by Autumn Wilson Photography) 


My Rocks Box stylist KILLED IT this month and gave me pieces that were exactly my style!