So You Want to Order a Suit from Zaful?

I’ve been asked many times if I’ve ever ordered a swimsuit from Zaful… & because I love my followers, I took the risk and ordered one.

If you haven’t checked out Zaful yet, here’s the bottom line: they have really cute swimsuits and they’re really cheap. So cheap that you wonder if you’re going to get a picture of a swimsuit in the mail instead of an actual swimsuit.

I ordered a one-piece swimsuit from this site for around $14. I knew it was coming from China and I didn’t want to wait forever, so I paid for the express shipping. It arrived in just under a week, which I was impressed by!

I ordered a suit for the fourth of July, and I found this Taylor-Swift-4th-of-July-2016-Knockoff. Taylor’s suit was just under $200, so I was interested to try this cheap alternative. Here’s the website photos of the suit I ordered:


After reading the size chart, I decided to go with a size medium. When you order from these Chinese websites, 90% of the time you will need to size up! I would typically be a small in suits from American websites, but the medium was the perfect size for me from Zaful.

When I received the swimsuit, I was pleased to see that it was fully lined! Um, hell yes! The material was thick and didn’t feel like it would be see-through once it got wet. Next was the moment of truth: the try-on session.


Not bad! It fit, it’s comfy, and it’s as good as it gets for $14! Fourth of July- here I come.

Would I order from Zaful again? Absolutely! Here’s what you should take away from this blog post if you order from Zaful:

  • For trendy suits (or ones that you’ll only wear a few times like mine), it’s worth it to save your money and buy a suit of lesser quality!

  • SIZE UP!

  • I would recommend the express shipping so that you’re not waiting weeks for your suit!

Zaful definitely offers a huge selection of trendy suits for a very affordable prize! If you do it right, you can hit the jack pot with cute suits this summer without breaking the bank.

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen